Online dating? Why, yes… I’ve done that!

Today I had the opportunity to guest post on my friend’s blog! Here’s my teaser…

The Great Expectations… of online dating.

I’m coming clean. Putting it out for the whole social media world to know… I did the online dating “thing” in the last year. There it is. I subscribed for 6 months on Christian Mingle and reupped for another 6 months, but only chose to stick around for about a month of that before saying goodbye to all of it.

I’ll be honest… I’m a novice, naïve, no idea what I’m doing kinda dater. To say that I was “wet behind the ears” would be a complete understatement of my experience. And I went in with A LOT of expectations. Not only on the site to find my “perfect match” but on men to be who I thought and expected them to be.

Now, in fairness, I’m a woman writing from my own experiences and things that I’ve been able to witness and glean during my time in the online dating world.

To read the rest, please visit blupin’s blog here.

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