Today is hope…

When is the last time you’ve been completely stripped down to nothing? Dry bones? Nowhere to run? On nothing to depend?

But Him.

In that moment of being so alone in your own head, He whispers.

He nudges, softly.

You cry out, He calms and settles.

You beg for something. Anything. An answer. A vision. An understanding.

Maybe nothing tangible comes. He is still there. He is faithful to you, to me.

Lately, I find when I’m in those moments, I have two choices. I get on my face and offer everything in surrender to Him or I throw my hands up in the air and offer everything in surrender to Him.

In this season I’m walking through, it’s becoming more and more evident that I am so desperate to know Him more. To know Him differently. To know Him in a way that I’ve never known Him before.

Become reliant. Learn to trust. Be dependent. Abandoned.

There seems to be no more precious time than that when it’s just me (or you) and Him.

When there is nothing that stands between who He is and who I am.

What He’s calling me to do and what I can do.

Where He wants me and where I’m willing to be.

He truly is my all in all. There is no other way that makes sense. He has to be what I spend my time pursuing. Through Him comes everything that I need, want, desire, have, and crave.

How do we get here? To this place? The one where it’s okay to just be a mess in front of Him and know that He is walking us through it all?

While this post was never intended to be an Easter post, as it’s been sitting in a Word document being written for weeks, as I read over it this morning – the day my King rose – I can see that it IS all about Him dying and coming back.

The day in-between… that stricken Saturday. That day that no one knew that He would be with them again. That day they all thought He was gone. That day when nothing made sense. That day when they were troubled, they were grieved, they were confused, lost, unsure… that day.

Sometimes, that feels like our every day. We feel like we live in a perpetual “Black Saturday.” And, sometimes, we DO live in that day. Now and again, we sit there, in that space.

Stripped. Insecure. Not confident. Doubting. Wondering.

Here’s what I want you to know, what I *need* for me to know – it’s okay. It’s okay to be there now and again.

There is GOOD news coming! He is no longer in the grave! He is RISEN!

Friends, do you understand that? Can you even begin to grasp the hem of the meaning behind His empty tomb?! He, so desperately, wants to be *with* us. He came from the dead, after carrying the burden of our sins to the Cross, being hanged for our redemption, His blood spilling into the cracked ground… all of that because He desires us.

Even when we have no clue. Even when we are sitting in our “Black Saturday” without understanding. Even when we are desperate for answers that aren’t coming.

He is risen.

A new day is coming.

Our King is alive and walking with us.

He has not left your side, or mine.

He is faithful.

He is our Comfort.

In Him, our hope is found.

So even on that dreadful Saturday, that season of in-between, that time of uncertainty… it all comes back to Him. Being dependent. Relying on Him to come for me. He always has. He always will. I just need to know He’s not left my side. And He’s not left yours either.

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