Texas to-do!

texas-state-flagMoving to any place new is usually really exciting. At least I think so… Sure, there is some stress that can come along with all the details, but overall, I find the whole thing exhilarating.

In an effort to manage my excitement and document my journey, I’ve decided that I need a to-do list. It’s just a list of things I’d like to do within my first year living in Texas. You have to let me know if I missed anything that I HAVE to do and I just don’t know about.


  1. Hang out in front of Cowboys stadium with my Patriots jersey on – on a game day.
  2. Attend Gateway church, at least once. Maybe five times.
  3. Attend Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, at least once. Maybe five times.
  4. Attend The Village church, at least once. Maybe five times.
  5. Spend some serious catch up time with Aunt Nette.
  6. Visit my mom often.
  7. Visit my friend, Tina, who lives in Houston. (she had the nerve to move JUST as I was getting to TX!)
  8. Hang out with Kendra, Jacob, and mostly Chloe.
  9. Cook my uncle Rob a decent meal, at least once a month.
  10. Drive to Galveston to play on the beaches.
  11. Visit Oklahoma City.
  12. Dallas Zoo and Aquarium
  13. Texas State Fair
  14. Ft. Worth Stockyards
  15. Mesquite Rodeo
  16. ArtWalk Dallas
  17. Thanks-giving Square
  18. Dallas Farmers Market
  19. Visit the arts district.
  20. See the Mustangs of Las Colinas.
  21. Go to Clear Springs Scuba Park.
  22. Jet ski on Lewisville Lake.
  23. Eat Texas BBQ.
  24. Visit the Alamo (Thanks, Hannah!).

Okay… that’s all I have. Today. Right now.

Let me know what I’m missing. Tell me what will make me really become a Texan!

I’m sure I’ll think of other things along the way, too. Once I do something, I’ll cross it off the list and maybe even blog about it. =]

2 thoughts on “Texas to-do!

    1. ahhhh! How did I forget that nugget?! I will add it to the list. While I’m not typically into “history” per se, I suppose it’s something I should know. =]~

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