Desperate Faith.

Over the last couple of days, I’ve been thinking of the woman with the issue of blood and her pursuit of Jesus. Most people, and for good reason, see this as an amazing act of faith on her part. And it was! Also, the miracle that her faith understood once she reached Christ’s robe, and touched just small portion of it.

For me, I’m seeing it a little different right now – that whole Living Word thing is at play. I’m seeing her desperation.

Her flat out desire to get to Him – no matter what.

It didn’t matter if she was thrown out of the city, if she walked 30 miles only to be seen and known as unclean and humiliated in public, or the possibility that it just wouldn’t work.

She was desperate for her Savior. She chased Him without concern for what others thought, without worry about the outcome, and without anything else in her mind.

She was unremitting.

As I’ve thought about that, I was reminded of how it feels to be so focused on Him that other things just fall into place. I was reminded of how much I want to be that desperate for Him without worry about what other people think or if I’ll get chased away or if what I’m trying to accomplish doesn’t work. That’s where the faith dances gently with desperation.

Desperate faith. Risky faith. Reckless faith.

That’s where I am today.

(Thanks, Tanya, for showing me this song – love.)

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