Our ministry

Sometimes, we think that in order to be doing God’s work and fulfilling our “ministry,” that we need to be doing it BIG! And in a way that everyone will and can notice.

It isn’t true.

If we are being obedient to Christ,
If we are holding fast to His Word and allowing it to renew our minds,
If we are looking for ways to serve others,
If we are reaching out to love those who need loving,

…then we are fulfilling our ministry. And we might be doing it from our living room. Or our car. Or at church. Or in the grocery store.

Ministry doesn’t always mean big, glamorous, over-the-top, or something to be seen by the masses.

Most of the time, it’s the quiet love we give. It’s our tender ears to hear the God of our hearts speak to us gently so that we might speak of His love to another.

Let this be an encouragement to fulfill the ministry God has given you – no matter if it’s GREAT BIG or great small. It’s yours and He’s entrusted you with it.

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