I finished reading a novel early last week that a friend recommended. This afternoon, while reading something else – a book about fear – I was reminded of something so relevant in the novel.

The novel was set in the early 1900’s and it was about people heading out west to start little mission churches in different towns. A woman felt God called her to serve in a particular church, so she went.

While there, she made a friend, a woman named Sophie with 4 children. She was a single mom, her husband abandoned her, she didn’t always make the best choices while trying to raise her babes, she was an owner of a small little coffee house. She sent all 4 of her children to church and they loved it. Went every week and helped the woman pastor when they could and just loved on her. Sophie didn’t go. She didn’t get the whole God thing.

Spoiler Alert!! One of Sophie’s boys got sick. The pastor stayed with the mom, prayed and prayed and prayed over the boy. He died. Sophie was furious! How could God do this?! Why didn’t He hear the prayers of the pastor? Was she really called to ministry? On and on and on.

Sophie made her other 3 children stop going to church. The pastor would still swing by the coffeehouse, but she knew the relationship was lost. Until. One day… Sophie and her 3 babes walked into the church early one Sunday morning. The pastor was moved to tears just seeing them. She thanked her for letting the kids come and when Sophie said she was staying – the pastor was thrilled. She asked why Sophie changed her mind about church and God.


Sophie said that the Holy Spirit was moving inside her heart and she knew that if she didn’t get her life right, if she didn’t take God seriously, if she didn’t have a heart to follow Christ – she’d never see her son again because she knew he was in heaven.

Sometimes, it will take a tragedy to turn someone’s life around. Let’s pray that tragedies are few and far between, but when they DO happen, then let’s pray that people are led straight to Christ. 

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