One Word 2014

For the fourth year, I will be participating in OneWord365. I encourage you to check it out.

I wrote a whole post, a couple years ago, about why I don’t do new years resolutions on my old blog and why I’d rather participate in something like One Word.

The premise is easy, pick a word – let that be your focus for the year. Of course, there is more to it, silly! But I don’t want to steal the thunder for the way the creators  explain the whole idea of it – so go read it!

I’ve been praying about my word for a couple months now. I almost have it nailed down. I will post about it once I’m for sure it’s what God is calling me to consider for the year.

One thing that I’ve learned while doing the One Word challenge is that it’s important to have some accountability. We’ve done the One Word challenge as a “thing” for the women’s ministry for the second year, but attendance was low this year and flip floppy… and, not surprisingly, a lot of us struggled with our words. So, that means I need to do better this year. I need to hold more accountability to those whom I ask to be part of this with me. And that means you! If you want to do this challenge, share your word with me. Leave it in the comments, Facebook it to me, email me, tell me when you see me, call me – whatever means is best for you. I want to do a better job helping you be better. And I want you to help me, too. Hold me accountable – okay? Okay.

Now, get to prayin about that word! Tell it to me. Let’s do this thing!

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