Thankful for… prayer!

When Kim asked me if I wanted to guest post on Winsome Woman, I had to close the email! Honestly.

I needed to pray. I needed to think.

This was my thought process: if I write for Kim’s blog, other people, people who don’t know me, are going to read my words. They’re going to read my heart. They’re going to hate me. Judge me. Wonder why Kim picked me – of all the people she could have asked.

Satan was tearing me to shreds.

I was letting him. 

When I began to pray about it and get out of my own head – Christ reminded me to Whom I belong. I am His.

… please head over to Winsome Woman to read the post in it’s entirety!

4 thoughts on “Thankful for… prayer!

  1. Hi Stephanie, Loved your post with Winsome Woman. I can relate to what I refer to as having my prayer button turned on mute. It feels terrible when I think in my head “I don’t do that”. I appreciated your thoughts and scripture share.

    Love this: Prayer is not a check request asking for things from God. It is a deposit slip – a way of depositing God’s character into our bankrupt souls.” -Dutch Sheets
    Forwarding this on, Thanks!

    1. Oh, Julie! Thank you so much for taking the time to read it – and for leaving a note of encouragement!

      I loved that quote, too! I heard it some time back and it just stuck with me.

      I’m grateful that this post spoke to you and know that you have one more chick prayin WITH you!

      Thanks! =]

  2. I wish I could write like you. I can think it but it does not come out like your words do. Thank you for being you!

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