Thankful for… all sorts of things!


I haven’t forgotten about my thankfulness this week! It may seem so with my lack of posts – I’ve just been busy. And, honestly, I’m trying to figure out when to write my posts…


I feel like I can’t write them in the morning because I haven’t gone through my day yet, but then when evening comes, I’m tired and don’t have the “umph” to write it then… and there we have it.


I’ve always been one of those people who knew every Facebook friend in real life. I didn’t become friends with friends and things like that… something happened this year and that changed. I suddenly find that I have at least 10 friends that I’ve never met in person. Mostly women whom I’ve met through book studies, retreat opportunities, etc…


On Monday, I got the chance to meet one of these sweet women in person, over coffee, at Starbucks. It was a wonderful time! I saw the light of Jesus shine SO bright through her and I look forward to more coffee dates!


On Tuesday, I was able to cook dinner for another friend – even though it took much longer than it should have – we had a great time! We finally got my African quilt on the wall. She’s been such a help to me ever since I moved and I couldn’t be more blessed by her!


On Wednesday, I got to have lunch with another friend who I haven’t been able to spend time with in months! We had a great time just talking about kids, men, life…


Thursday I had to work from home so I could be available for the gas company to come turn on my gas so that I could have heat – it was cold! I was so thankful and grateful to get some heat in the house that wasn’t coming from a heater plugged into the wall!


Yesterday, I was sick. I hate being sick, but… here’s why I’m thankful – I used to be sick more often. I’m thankful that God is healing me and that I’ve not been sick as often as I used to be. I’m thankful that my illness, while still elusive, is at least becoming less and less frequent. It also makes me stop, slow down, lean into Christ and for that, I’m most grateful!


Today, I’m thankful that I have nothing to do. I have to clean the house and that’s it. I should grocery shop too… maybe. Or I’ll do it tomorrow. =] I have coffee and I’m happy.


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