Thankful for…my kitchen, again!

I know, I know… really? I can’t think of anything different to be thankful for – wasn’t I just thankful for this a couple days ago!?

Here’s the thing, y’all… My kitchen brings so much good stuff into my world. I love through food. If I bring you something for your tummy, it means I love you – plain and simple.

Here’s what you may not know – my kitchen is also a sacred prayer place for mkitchen-lovee. When I’m cooking, I’m praying or worshiping. I’m hardly ever in my kitchen without music playing. Some people like to worship outside, in church, while hiking – those are ALL great places! And so is my kitchen!

I had the joy and pleasure of preparing a lunch for a group of friends from church. I was able to prepare it all yesterday evening, and then carry it on to church for the lunch to be held afterward. This is what I do! I love my friends. Could the church have catered the lunch with a business outside? Sure, but man… they allowed me to prepare the meal and I got to love on people without even being in the same room with them!

Will the things I make always be good or perfect? Nope, probably not. However, they are always covered in prayer! And the time, energy, and love that goes into that food is with my whole heart!

Please don’t misinterpret what I’m sharing as being boastful – it isn’t at all! It’s all about finding YOUR way to love people. This is my way.

Now, get out there and love on some people, y’all!

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