Thankful for… dinnertime friends & Kindle

I didn’t get to post yesterday. Not because I didn’t want to, but because I had a houseful of beautiful happening! And once it was done happening, I was done too! =]~

So, today, I’m doing two for one!fierce_marriage_true_love_is_selfless

I had a small, wonderful family over for dinner last night. I was able to make Chicken Pot Pie (plus one extra for them to take home) and apple cobbler for dessert. We had a great, emotional, joyful, and heartbreaking time together. Young families are so sweet. My heart is so in love with their love story. I want nothing more than to see families WIN and SUCCEED at every turn. If that means spending my spare time loving on them – so be it. They are worth it! Find a young family to love on, will ya? They need us so desperately! 

My second thanks is for my Kindle. Two nights this week I’ve been up at 3 am. My normal wake-up time is 5 am, so the extra two hours being stolen from me kinda defeats the extra one hour we gained with the time change! haha… so, my Kindle has been a great comfort. It sits on my nightside table, so I can grab it without getting out of bed, turning on the light, or having to come out of the covers! I took a lot of the time to be in prayer while I was awake, but when I realized that I was up, like really up, I would grab the Kindle and read a few chapters in my most recent novel series.

There you have it – my two days of thanks! =]


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