Thankful for… fall sunshine!

Why, oh, why didn’t I take a picture while I was out with my sweet girl today?! Ughs… You’ll have to settle for a plain old photo I already have available. 

With mild temperatures in the mid-sixties, mostly sunny skies, it was the perfect weather for my sweet girl to spend an extended period of time outside. Typically, if it’s too hot, she doesn’t do well and once it gets too cold, she won’t be able to stay out too long then either. 

So, today was perfect! She took a nice, long walk around downtown Winchester and let so many people love on her! She has such a sweet temperament and she is just so loving. We had a great time doing nothing but enjoying the sunshine through the trees and the fall breeze on our faces!

We are thankful for God making such perfect days for us to enjoy. =]


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